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1-on-1 or Team Coaching

60-minute coaching session where you overcome your biggest issue(s) through Mental Fitness and/or Business Made Simple Coaching Strategies.


6- 7 week group of  up to 10 leaders where you tackle a major aspect of your business to optimize it for revenue and profit.

Mental Fitness Accelerator

8-week online program that will show you how to strengthen your mental fitness so you can win the battle of your mind and grow your business with less stress.

Sabotuer Buster Workshop

Half-day workshop that gives participants and overview of what mental fitness is, an assessment of their own Saboteurs and statetgies for improvement.

Win the battle in your mind and succeed in business.

Online coaching to help you strengthen your mind so you can win at business.


Get More Done With Less Stress

Experience Greater Peace of Mind

Enjoy Healthier Relationships

The Mental Fitness Guy

It’s a crime business leaders don’t know how easy it is to strengthen their mental muscles.

Just putting in more hours at the office isn’t the answer!

Not for the long haul.


  • Those negative voices in your head will keep telling you that you’re going to fail
  • Your anxiety levels will keep suffocating you
  • Your increased stress will make you a terrible boss and harder to live with at home

Let’s face it: you are a prime candidate to burn out. You may have even begun to question how much longer you can do this.


Your Hard Work Deserves Better Results

Mental Fitness is the key!

You deserve to know how simple it is to strengthen your mental muscles.

Strong mental muscles help you silence your inner critic, grow your business, and lower your stress.


The online Mental Fitness Gym is the game-changer you’ve been looking for.

Here’s what you get when you join.

Enrollment in the Mental Fitness Accelerator

A special 8-week class at the start of your membership to build a strong foundation of mental fitness for future success.

Weekly Online Coaching Sessions

60-min Zoom sessions that will empower you to apply your growing mental fitness to business strategies so you can grow your business.

The Mental Fitness Gym Community

A supportive group of like-minded small business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders who travel together on the journey of strengthened mental fitness and business growth with less stress.

Join the Gym!


It’s really simple to become a gym member!

Step 1: Enroll

In less than 5 minutes you will pick the plan that’s right for you and become a part of the community.

Step 2: Get Mentally Fit

You will literally begin building new neural pathways that set you up for more success in a matter of days.

Step 3: Optimize Your Business for Growth

Each month in the gym helps you gain mental mastery and optimize your business for profit and revenue.

The Difference Mental Fitness Makes

I have to share two stories about the impact Mental Fitness has made in my life. The first was with one of my partners at work. In the past, he and I have bumped heads. The second was with my ex. He made a request for the holiday concerning our son who lives with me that I truly felt was out of line. I can easily say, without the Mental Fitness Accelerator, my approach, and the outcomes of these two events would have been totally different…and not for the better


Business Owner

“Dear Glen, thank you so much for speaking at our event. You were amazing! We are so grateful to have met you and to have you in our circle! We cannot wait to grow our relationship and Breakfast and Bibles. We appreciate all of our hard work and couldn’t have done our event without you!

Kelsey and Grace

Did you know, 80% of business leaders score below the minimum level

of Mental Toughness required for peak performance and happiness?


Strengthen Your Mental Fitness and Enjoy the Difference for Yourself


  • re-ignite the vision and passion for your work
  • silence the negative voices in your head
  • get stuff done faster…and better
  • smile when you look at your profit and loss statement
  • overhear to your co-workers and customers talking about how much they love working with you
  • get a full night’s sleep again
  • enjoy a growing business with less effort and less stress


Want to talk before you decide to join the gym?


Take the free Saboteur Assessment and schedule a free 30-min review with me, the Mental Fitness Guy for business! We can discuss your results and explore your options.

Contact Glen at
Contact Phone (701)566-1501

Glen is proudly based in Fargo, North Dakota, USA

Money-Back Guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied with your gym experience, you can request a full refund of the current month’s membership fee if made by the 14th of each month.

About Glen Stevens Jr - The Mental Fitness Guy for Business

Hi! I’m Glen! I believe that way too many small business leaders are frustrated. They work really hard, but only get mediocre results. They’re exhausted. Some are ready to give up on their dream. Sometimes it’s because they don’t have the right business strategies and systems in place. More often than that, their mental fitness is only average. And it takes above average mental fitness to grow a business.

With over 25 years of leadership experience, I’ve seen how easy it is for a leader to get in his/her own way. I’ve seen how painful burnout is. That’s why I am on a mission to help business leaders strengthen their 3 core mental muscles so they can grow their businesses faster. I’m a trained mental fitness coach. I’m also a certified Business Made Simple coach. I believe that when I help a small business leader succeed, I’m helping them make our world a better place. Because I’m not just helping them. I’m also helping their team, their community, and their family. And that helps everyone!

The 6-month mastermind that helps small business owners double their revenue and halve their stress.

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