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Day 107: (Bad) Reasons I Work When I’m Sick

by Apr 16, 2021Challenges, HOAM Insights, Life, Productivity Hacks, Psychology0 comments

This “being sick” is getting old. As an achiever and task-driven person, I’ve always struggled with accepting I’m sick. I also hate letting people down. Which is what I need to do to clear my schedule when I don’t feel well.

As a result, I either plow through and ignore what my body’s telling me. Or, I come back too early from being sick. Or, to avoid letting someone down, I work when I shouldn’t.

There are short-term gains in those actions. But the long-term ramifications aren’t worth it.

As a Hero On A Mission I’m doing what I can to not overwork. Working when I’m sick is overwork. So today, I’m going to give my body time to heal (even though there’s so many things I want to do today).

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